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Equilibrium Makes the TAKE2 Pledge

TAKE2 is the Victorian Government’s collective climate change initiative. The goal is to help keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

It supports Victorian individuals, business, government, educational and community organisations to take meaningful action to reduce climate change.

In June 2016, the Victorian Government committed to address climate change, setting a target for Victoria to reach net zero emissions by 2050. This target has been enshrined in legislation.

Equilibrium is committed to tackling climate change, and that’s why we’ve made the TAKE2 pledge.

The Victoria Government will also set a series of interim targets along the way. The first is to reduce the pollution causing climate change by 15 to 20 percent (on 2005 levels) by 2020. To help achieve these goals, Sustainability Victoria is delivering the TAKE2 initiative – a world-leading climate change pledge program.

How does TAKE2 work?

It starts by making the TAKE2 pledge, which is a promise to take action on climate change. Equilibrium encourages other organisations to also make the TAKE2 pledge and join us in helping keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

Using lists of tailored actions on the TAKE2 website, you select what you can, will or already have done to reduce climate change. The website also provides free advice and information along the way, including an action plan. You can choose one action or many.

Importantly, TAKE2 can be tailored to individuals, government, community, business and education sectors are also featured on this website.

In addition to the TAKE2 pledge, Equilibrium is focused on helping its customers and partners to effectively deal with climate change through business-friendly measures.

Visit the TAKE2 website for more information, and don’t hesitate to talk to us about how Equilibrium can help champion sustainability across your organisation.

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