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Sustainability Victoria Resources for Business

Access to relevant information, grants and opportunities in Victoria has improved with a redesign of Sustainability Victoria’s business-related web pages. The updated content and structure covers energy efficiency and materials efficiency themes.

Energy efficiency

New features include advice, tools and case studies to support businesses looking to reduce energy bills. The site has a refreshing approach that provides information specific to a business sector, which saves you time by reducing the need to wade through energy efficiency information that may be generic or unrelated to your business.

The site also provides a ‘go to section’ that describes ways to assess, optimise, reduce energy use and save on costs for commonplace industrial and service related systems, examples including compressed air, HVAC, Lighting, motors, heating and refrigeration systems. This section also provides indicative costs, paybacks and benefits to help businesses with early budgeting.

Materials efficiency

Another feature of the site is the ‘Materials Efficiency’ section which provides a good overview as to the opportunities to save money through improved materials use.

Whilst it is somewhat buried in the energy efficiency section the information provided is an important feature for businesses looking to save on costs, particularly for manufacturing businesses where raw materials can be 30% of the cost of production.

It is here that Sustainability Victoria provides a very good framework for process optimisation and materials efficiency best practice, including some useful tools and resources. SV also identifies the importance of conducting material efficiency assessments to better understand the ‘hot spots’ where material losses may be impacting the business bottom line.

If you are looking for further cost saving measures it may be worthwhile visiting the Sustainability Victoria website.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Equilibrium team on BH  (03) 9372 5356 if you are looking for support with energy or materials assessments .