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Proposed E-waste Policy Package for Victoria

Public Consultation Commences

The Victorian Government has released a comprehensive consultation package on its proposed approach to managing e-waste in Victoria, including its commitment to ban e-waste from landfills.

The proposed approach will legally ban e-waste from landfill and specify how e-waste must be managed in Victoria from July 2018. The Victorian Government is supporting those who manage e-waste to adapt to these new regulatory requirements with a state-wide education campaign and an infrastructure support program.

The Victoria Government is seeking views and feedback from the community and industry on the package and will accept submissions until 25 January 2018.  The consultation process is being managed by the Waste and Resource Recovery team at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The consultation package contains several draft documents covering regulatory components as well as non-regulatory measures such as infrastructure support and community education awareness activities. Feedback will be used to refine the arrangements for the ban on e-waste from landfill.

The consultation package, including all draft tools, policies and policy impact assessments can be accessed at: www.engage.vic.gov.au/waste/e-waste

Public comment and feedback from all interested parties is possible through the website.

Some key aspects of the package:

1. The package of proposed measures has been developed to reduce e-waste going to landfill, increase resource recovery and support jobs and investment in the recycling sector.

2. For the purposes of the ban, e-waste is defined as any device with a power cord or battery that is no longer wanted or useful. This definition will be further tested during the development of the education and awareness campaign.

3. It is expected that all regulatory requirements for stakeholders will take effect from July 2018. A period of 12 months post policy will allow for the completion of infrastructure upgrades to meet the required standards.

4. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will enforce the new requirements in line with their Compliance and Enforcement Policy, and take a risk-based approach. While small volumes of e-waste may filter through to landfill, the EPA will expect measures are in place to manage e-waste and prevent large quantities from entering a landfill.

5. The Victorian approach is a landfill ban or prohibition as opposed to a Product Stewardship program. It is broader than the Commonwealth’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) in that it includes all e-waste, all items with a power cord or a battery. However, the NTCRS will continue to play a core role in Victoria by ensuring recovery of a large proportion of televisions and computers in the most environmentally-sound manner. The Victorian Government has noted it will continue to advocate for expansion of the scope of the NTCRS to cover more types of e-waste.

Equilibrium is currently undertaking a detailed analysis of the package. If you have any queries or would like to discuss the package, please contact Equilibrium directly.

More information about the consultation package can be accessed at the DELWP website.

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