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Review of the Product Stewardship Act

Passage of the Product Stewardship Act 2011 marks a step change in resource recovery and recycling in Australia. It has provided the platform and impetus for birth of a range of programs and schemes, some aligned to the Act and some not, that aim to reduce the environmental impacts of a wide range of products.

Equilibrium welcomes the news that the Department of the Environment and Energy will be undertaking a periodic review of the Product Stewardship Act 2011.

This is the first review of the Act since it commenced in 2011. The review presents an excellent opportunity for industry to have their say in how they Act operates and how it might be improved to be more responsive to emerging waste challenges.

To date the Product Stewardship Act has created an effective co-regulatory product stewardship scheme for televisions and computers (NCTRS), as well as giving voluntary accreditation to mobile phone, mercury-containing lamps, batteries, waste paint and tyre product stewardship schemes.

The periodic review will consider the effectiveness of the accreditation of voluntary product schemes and the Minister’s annual product list in supporting product stewardship outcomes. It will also review international and domestic experience in product stewardship to gain practical knowledge from international experience and help tailor that knowledge to local industries.

The Department of the Environment and Energy will actively seek input from industry, state, territory and local governments and the community to ensure that it continues to deliver the best outcomes for business and the environment.

The review will commence shortly and a final written report will be provided to the Minister for the Environment and Energy in early 2018. Further information on the review can be found here.