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NGER Reporting is Now

It’s time to start to gather your data again and report in line with the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme.

With reports due on 31 October it doesn’t leave much time for determining if your organisation is required to submit a report and if you do, that all of the information you provided meets the requirements of the Act and its subordinate legislation.

Given the current situation it may be that your reporting boundary has changed and your company no longer meets a facility or corporate group threshold for any of the reporting criteria.  You might also need to review your activities and determine the operational control over these activities and your facilities. See the guideline for more information.

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) provides helpful clarification about reporting part year operational control and what organisations need to consider when there are instances of acquisitions, disposals or mergers within the reporting period.

All energy consumed and produced by facilities that are under the operational control of the organisation must be reported which in turn allows the CER to identify scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions.  Other activities including fuel combustion and potentially, depending on your industry, refrigerant gas emissions also need to be considered and reported.

If you are a new reporting entity, familiarising yourself with the methods provided by the CER with identifying emissions sources can save time before preparing your report, particularly if some of the data sources are estimated.

In addition to the links provided, The CER has developed an EERS User Guide and many other guidance documents to assist reporters in complying with their NGER obligations. Visit Clean Energy Regulator for these resources.

Equilibrium can also assist with your NGER reporting, so if you require any information or support, please contact the Equilibrium team on (03) 9372 5356 or at info@equil.com.au