Linkedin Company Updates

    LinkedIn Company Updates

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    Very important work with significant waste reduction outcomes over time. #greenskythinking #wastereduction #airlinesandairplanes

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    An international team of researchers are developing an eco-friendly, 3D printable solution for producing wireless Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that can be used and disposed of without contaminating the environment.

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    Certainly worth considering and discussing i.e. "... the relatively small cost of compulsory recycling schemes ... would help solve Australia's waste crisis" #waste #wastemanagement #recycling #policy #regulations #reform #ewaste #mattresses #tyres

  • 29 Days Agoview on linkedin


    The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that by 2050, the world would have produced 60 million tonnes of photovoltaic panel waste. Sembcorp Industries and Singapore Polytechnic are developing an approach to commercialise what is said to be Singapore's first solar panel recycling process. #solarpanels #recycling #endoflife #wastemanagement #photovoltaics #ewaste #weee

  • 2 Months, 1 Day Agoview on linkedin


    The Summer break is almost upon us as we reflect on 2018 and the wonderful clients we have worked with and for. Equilibrium is grateful for the trust and interest that you have shared and we look forward to a productive 2019.

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