Four Bins and a Container Deposit Scheme for Victoria

Written by Damien Wigley on 26 February 2020

The Victorian Government continues to announce a range of reforms and investment priorities as it seeks to address some of the major challenges confronting the waste and recycling industry.

A fourth, glass-only recycling bin and a container deposit scheme are but two recent from Premier Daniel Andrews signalling change with a view to reducing the total waste from residents and industry going to landfill by 80 per cent by 2030.

Equilibrium’s managing director – Nick Harford – appeared on ABC Goulburn Murray Radio yesterday (25.2.2020) to discuss the announcements with ABC presenter Sandra Moon.

Nick’s commentary  during this extended interview is informative, measured and noteworthy.

You can listen to the radio interview here.

You can also read ABC News coverage of the reforms here.


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