Child car seat manufacturers pledge to recycle to help cut down on waste

Written by Damien Wigley on 10 February 2020

They are something that every young Australian family buys with the arrival of a baby — and now car seats have become a massive waste stream with 200,000 a year ending up in landfill.

Key points
  • Car seats usually last just 10 years due to product safety recommendations
  • Charities are also overloaded with the burden of disposing of old and broken car seats
  • In November, the Federal Government announced a plan to add car seats to the Product Stewardship Act

Now local manufacturers are pledging to do something about their waste problem.

Major Australian brands all on board

As of this week, Equilibrium has signed up all three major manufacturers of baby car seats in Australia to the next stage of its product stewardship scheme push.

Britax, Infasecure and Dorel make 80 per cent of seats sold in the local market, meaning this is a big step towards doing something about the problem.

“We are very supportive,” Britax managing director Dirk Voller said.

“We feel this should not be limited to baby car seats and capsules but cover all product categories including wheel goods such as prams, strollers and other related nursery products.”

Both Britax and Infasecure said that they were working on product design that made their car seats simpler to recycle as well.

Equilibrium’s Mr Nick Harford said the next step will be launching a wider version of its baby car seat recycling trial, with it hoping to be collecting and recycling about 50,000 baby car seats a year by 2023.

You can view the ABC TV news story here at the 17:35 minute mark.

You can also read more on ABC online here.



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