Integrated Environmental Management System Audit

Equilibrium will undertake an audit of Enviroland’s Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS).

Enviroland engaged Equilibrium to complete an audit of their Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS) in their Cairns landfill and recycling facility. In the audit, Equilibrium will assess the following:

  • IEMS internal management
  • Environmental aspects and impacts
  • Environmental impacts monitoring
  • Legal and legislative requirements
  • Environmental awareness and training
  • IEMS implementation, procedures and plans
  • Emergency and indecent responses
  • Management review of system
  • Lastly, assess the General conditions of License

Following the audit, Equilibrium will present the findings in a report with corrective action. In addition, corrective action will also be provided for any elements that did not meet requirements.

Moreover, Enviroland has engaged Equilibrium to control the ongoing management of the IEMS.

Climate Active

Equilibrium assisted Godfrey Hirst to achieve certification under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for its commercial carpet tile operations.

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Case Studies