New EPA Victoria Guidelines for Business

Written by Leigh Bernoth on 20 October 2020

New policies, laws and regulations can result in changes that require new levels of knowledge. Understanding the obligations associated with government reforms and amendments is an essential step towards better managing risks and ensuring compliance.

EPA Victoria recognises the importance of support tools and information for business, and this month released six new guideline documents aimed at supporting Victorian companies transition their compliance systems to meeting the new environmental regulations.

The new regulations, due to come into effect July 2021, have a strong emphasis on preventing environmental harm and will require businesses to identify their risks and implement suitable control measures to manage those risks.

The guides are titled ‘Preventing Harm to People and the Environment’ and include a 4-step process for managing risks, which will be particularly useful for businesses in the early stages of developing risk their management systems.

For those businesses that are more advanced on the risk management journey the guides include useful and up to date compliance information, for example: further discussion is provided around the concept of managing risks in a manner that is ‘reasonably practicable’; and, for the waste and recycling sector further context is provided around the ‘Declaration of Use’ tool that businesses will need to use and maintain to demonstrate safe transport and storage of waste material.

The new guidelines are available at the EPA website, and can be accessed in the links below:



Waste and recycling


Mining and quarrying


Navigating the regularity landscape isn’t always straightforward, however relevant support tools and information documents combined with specialist advice and guidance, can significantly help your business to better manage risks with a focus on prevention.

If you are looking for compliance support in line with any of the guidelines discussed, please don’t hesitate to contact the Equilibrium team on BH  (03) 9372 5356.


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