Future fate of photovoltaic panels

Written by Damien Wigley on 9 May 2019

As the uptake of renewable energy continues to grow and expand, so too does the need to consider how we manage end-of-life photovoltaic panels.

Sustainability Victoria is leading a national project to examine photovoltaic (PV) systems and assess possible options for stewardship programs to potentially manage the products at end-of-life.

PV panels and associated equipment (inverters and storage) have been identified as a rapidly growing e-waste stream in future years. Equilibrium has been engaged by Sustainability Victoria to undertake an analysis and assess potential options for a national product stewardship approach.

New research by UNSW examines the economic barriers, the technologies and opportunities in recycling end-of-life PVs. In April, a group of four researchers from UNSW published an assessment of the approaches developed to date, economic barriers to their widespread implementation, and the potential for material recovery and profit from a future PV-upcycling industry.

The study puts Australia at the forefront of understanding the economic drivers and possibilities ahead.

A comprehensive story in the May 2019 issue of PV Magazine by Natalie Filatoff reports on the landmark study conducted by the UNSW team.

For more information about the Sustainability Victoria project contact Michael Dudley.

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